Felt Boxwood Wreath

Posted by Renae Bradley on 16 November, 2017 1 comment

Felt Boxwood wreath diy

Everyone loves the classic look of boxwood wreaths for the holidays so we interpreted the full and fresh green leaves into a simple and slender felt leaf wreath design -one that won't die out! 

Supplies needed:
--Your favorite green felt from Benzie. We used Moss -but Meadow or Zucchini would look great too! But if you don't want to cut out all those ovals by hand we suggest our Oval shaped felt-fetti
--Embroidery hoops, we used 6", 7" and 8" size
--Ribbon, we used 1 1/2" wide linen like ribbon
--Glue gun, other glues work too but we like how fast this glue dries.

Felt Boxwood Wreath


1. This wreath is includes about 100 small felt ovals -if you are using felt-fetti we suggest one bag of small ovals or two bags of large ovals per wreath. If you are using felt about one to two 12x18" sheets of felt will work per wreath. 

2. Heat up your glue gun and add a dot of glue to the base of your oval and pinch together. This makes your leaf.

3.The wreath is composed of two rows of leaves, use the inner and outer circle of the embroidery hoop as your guide. One leaf is placed slightly in front of the previous leaf. Each row is staggered. After you're done with the two basic rows -fill in any bald spots with extra leaves. This gives the wreath more of a natural and irregular look.

felt christmas wreath


4. Finish off with some festive ribbon! Our oval fetti shapes is one of my favorites. We used it to make our succulents too! It's perfect for forming leaves and petals -don't forget that ovals are super easy to hand cut too and a great way to use up every little bit of felt! Merry Christmas!

directions for felt greenery

Sewing Sequins & Beads to Felt

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sewing sequins beads to felt

Adding sequins and beads makes any felt project just a bit more pretty, vintage or sparkly. We have the guide to the perfect needle and the sewing technique to make it neat and complete. 

sequin felt hair clips

To make these star clips you will need: 

Felt stars (cut your own or use our pre-cut fetti). 
Sequins & Beads -we used 4mm sequins and glass seed beads
Beading Needle
Embroidery Floss or Thread
Scissors (the cute eiffel tower is available here!)
Hair Clips
Pinch of polyfil

best beading needle

Let's talk about the most important tool when working with beads and sequins -it's the needle -as finding just the right needle for tiny beads can be pretty tricky! First, it must be delicate enough to fit though a small seed bead diameter but strong enough to stitch through felt. Third, it must be easy to thread! We have two different embroidery needle suggestions -both come with a variety of sizes -you'll want to use the two smallest sizes offered for beading! A budget friendly option is by DMC & our favorite option is by Tulip. The ones by Tulip have a really great feel in the hand and the gold eye help keep the needle in great condition!

 How to sew sequins

To stitch on the sequins you can just skip the bead and stitch the sequins right on to your felt or fabric -but you would be left with a visible strand of thread, which can be distracting or even messy on your final design. To avoid that we like to top our sequins with a single bead. It adds more dimension to your item and keeps things sparkling clean. To do this thread a single strand of floss or thread and come up from behind your felt. Add a single sequin and then a bead. Then, bring the the needle back through the sequin center to secure. 

sequins and felt

I love the sequin/bead look but I love accenting sequins with individual beads even more -it makes it look like a dusting of glitter! 

Glitter star hair clips

To finish the star for a hair clip -whip stitch the back on filling with a pinch of polyfil prior to closing. Secure onto a hair clip. 

felt star barrettes

Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

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Felt Roses with Scrap Felt

Hello everyone!  I contacted Renae about guest blogging because I LOVE Benzie felt and want to show how you can make some amazing flowers with your scrap felt.  If you are anything like me, you have piles of chunky scraps that you can’t throw out but are too small for full pattern pieces.  These roses are easy, free form and come out so pretty!  Let’s get started.

*Note before starting - Real roses aren’t perfect…they have chips in their petals, they are wavy, the petals aren’t perfectly smooth across the top nor are they all the same size.  I have a pattern, but honestly, I just cut out free form petal shapes to make the most of my scraps.  This is a project to release your control and be free!

Felt scrap flowers 

What you need:
Flower colored felt scraps
Leaf Colored felt
Floral wire – one heavier piece for stem, two finer for leaves
Hot glue and Glue gun
Sharp Scissors
Flower pattern (Optional)

Felt flower petals

Cut out petals. 
I usually cut out a bunch of petals of varying sizes, some with dips in the middle and some with a little bulge on the top.  Just make sure they all relatively straight cut bottoms.

Make felt flower roses

 Shaping the Petals 

  1. Place a small dot of glue right in the middle on the base of a petal.
  2. Pinch petal together and hold for a second or two.
  3. Turn petal over and find the little wedge you just made.
  4. Without cutting it all the way off trim the excess wedge.
  5. Do this with all your petals except the 4 big ones.

Forming a felt rose

Adding Character to your Petals

Roses have little curls in the tops of their dainty petals…lets give ours the same!  There are two ways and I will do about half and half to my petals.

A. On your petals with a little bump on the top, place a small dot of glue and fold it over toward the back.

B. On the flat topped petals, place a fine line of glue across the top.  Being gentle, roll the edge down and just hold in place for a few seconds waiting for the glue to set.  If you have a petal with a dip you can do this technique to one side or both sides.

When you’re done you will have a pretty pile of rose petals!


Making a felt flower rose

Making your Rose

Pieces Suggested - 1 small petal, 10 medium petals, 4 large petals

  1. Take a small petal, fold into a tube and glue.
  2. Grab a petal, place a line of glue across the base and curl it around the center.
  3. Repeat on the other side.  You have created the first ring.

Forming a felt flower

4.  In the next ring, use 3 petals, in the ring after that use 5 petals evenly spaced.

 how to form a felt flower rose

5. The outside ring will only have the 4 big petals.  Instead of using the pinch method from earlier, you will make 2 snips in the bottom and glue them together in a little stack.  This makes a deeper cup shape that will allow them to get around your beautiful flower.  Glue the last four petals onto your flower and this part is finished


Adding green leaves to felt flowers

Adding the Greens

Pieces Needed - 6 leaves, 1 five pointed leaf

  1. If you didn’t start your rose on a stem (as explained below with the rose bud) insert the thicker floral wire through the center and secure with a bit of glue. There should be a small hole through the center but if it got covered up just use your snips to poke a hole through the glued petals.
  2. Cut out the 5 pointed leave and snip a small hole in the center. Put the wire through the center.
  3. Add glue to the base and secure the the underside of the rose.
  4. Cut out 6 leaves and add three snips into each side.
  5. Place a line of glue onto the end of the floral wire and place onto the top leaf.
  6. Add a line of glue to one edge of the second leaf.  Make a sandwich with that leaf, the wire and the third leaf.
  7. Repeat for the second leaf branch.

8.  Using floral tape wrap one leaf branch onto the main stem and voila! You have made an amazing realistic rose from scraps!


Make a felt rosebud

Make a Rose Bud

Make a Rose Bud

Pieces Needed: 1 small petal, 3 medium, 1 four pointed leaf

I always have extra petals left over so why not make a pretty little rose bud?

  1. Place a thin glue line down the edge of a small petal.  Place the stem wire in the glue and wrap the petal around  and secure.
  2. Glue three petals around the center.
  3. Cut a 4 pointed green leaf bottom, poke a hole in the center and secure to the base of your rose bud.
  4. Use floral tape and secure the second leaf branch to the rose but stem.
  5. All done!


These little flowers are my favorite to create.  They look beautiful, are easy to learn, can be given realistic flair with a few simple techniques and best of all, use up my growing scrap pile!

Felt Rose Bouquet

Color Tips

Try using complementary colors in the same flower, like Butter and Ecru, Peony and Pink, Red and Crimson, or Linen and Oats…the colors options are so plentiful, just like a rose garden.

As the holidays are coming up experiment with making orange and black roses for Halloween or make a “Black and White” version using only the greys, white and black!

Felt Rose Bouquet  

Alicia Burstein is a long time maker, mom, wife, nurse and lover of all crafty things.  Her little company Spicy Sweet Pea produces sweet headbands, handmade toys, wall hangings, and fun clothes for our little ones.  Visit her Etsy shop SpicySweetPea.etsy.com for great items for the littles (and even you!) or message her directly for flowers arrangements, commissions, personalizations of current listings, or just to have a crafty chat!

Please follow her @thespicysweetpea and @deann52 on Instagram for specials, sneak peeks, crafty tips and updates.


Rarity Unicorn Headband Tutorial

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unicorn costume diy

The favorite My Little Pony is Rarity at our house -and we made a headband to match! The best part is that all the pieces are removable -for those days that you want to be a unicorn... and for the days you don't (gasp!). 

Felt unicorn horn

You will need one 12x18" sheet of felt to create a felt base headband, a headband, one 9x12" sheet of felt to make the horn and ears and one sheet of iron-on. Not pictured -polyfil, a sewing machine (or stitching tools) and an iron. We have an easy pattern for you to use too! 

diy metallic felt

Let's work on the fun part first! The unicorn horn! First cut out and iron-on a 4x4" piece of silver vinyl (or glitter!) to your gray felt. We go into detail on how to iron on metallic vinyl over here

Unicorn horn pattern pieces

Using the horn and ear pattern, cut out all the shapes. Cut the ears out of felt and the ear accents out of metallic vinyl. I used clothes pins to attach the pattern to the metallic felt as I didn't want to pierce the vinyl coating. I used pins to attach the rest of the patterns. 

felt unicorn horn

Going back to the horn, fold it in half (metallic sides facing) and machine or handstitch the edges. To make the horn removable stitch the two circles together by stitching two lines about the width of your headband apart. Our headband is about a 1/2" wide. 

Unicorn horn how-to

Turn the horn inside-out -it's a little stiff so feel free to use a dowel or a pencil to help turn it. Stuff with polyfil and stitch the circle base one being sure to keep an opening for the headband to slide through. 

metallic unicorn horn

Finish the horn by stitching embroidery thread through the top edge and securing along the backside with every turn. 

animal ears headband

Finish up the ears by ironing on the silver metallic as accents, fold backsides together and stitch around the ear -making sure to leave an opening to fit the headband though. 

rarity unicorn diy

Grab your headband; we like our felt covered headband diy and slide the ears and horn on! 
Rarity pony headband

rarity costume for girls

Unicorn headband craft

Customized Quote Banner with Neat & Tangled

Posted by Renae Bradley on 19 September, 2017 38 comments

mermaid banner

We partnered with craft company Neat and Tangled -and was thrilled to try out their stock of stamps and die cuts. Visit their blog this week to see what they made with Benzie's felt!

Die cutting is definitely a must in this craft -but you'll love the results so much you'll want to quote up everything in sight! Neat and Tangled introduced us to the Journaling Alpha die and we are going to teach you how easy it is to use with our felt! 

 thin die cuts for felt

Supplies needed:
-Felt Banner: We used our big felt-fetti for this one, but it's really easy to cut out a banner shape out of a 6x9" sheet of felt too! We used the color Julep. 
-You only need one 6x9" sheet of felt to cut out the letters, but I would grab a second sheet if you are new to die cutting. We used the color Pool.
-The secret to success is using an iron-on adhesive.
-Journaling Alphas die cut
-Embroidery floss to match your felt (use one strand of divisible floss)
-Peacock Feathers sequins, we love this mix! 
-Beads, we love using our aqua shaded seed beads
-Dowel, cut down to six inches.
-Needle, you'll want a needle small enough to stitch through beads. We like our 5/10 size

iron adhesive for felt

Step one: Iron the adhesive to a sheet of felt. 

die cut letters felt

Step two: If you are new to die cutting we suggest reading over this post to get started. Using the sheet of the felt that the adhesive was ironed on too, set up your die cut 'sandwich' in the order pictured. Keep note that the die cut needs to be on the felt side (not the adhesive side). Roll through die cut machine twice to ensure a clean cut. 

die cut small felt letters

Step three: Just peel the letters right off, the adhesive will be right on the back! Do step two a few more times until you get all the letters desired. Tip: An experienced die cutter can strategically place the die to get all cuts on a single 6x9" sheet. 

diy custom quote banner

Step four: I found it helpful to use a see through ruler when arranging all the letters on the banner. 

iron wool blend felt

Step five: Iron the letters on using a layer or two of tissue paper. Don't forget the tissue paper... or you just may burn your felt (I know from experience!). 

sequins and beads for felt

sewing on mermaid sequins

Step six: The Peacock sequin blend was just perfect for this mermaid themed banner! Using beads is the easiest and neatest way to sew sequins on, just make you select the right needle! 

Step seven: Use the dowel and embroidery floss to hang up your banner! 

make a mermaid banner

Sequined Felt Fall Leaves with Neat & Tangled

Posted by Renae Bradley on 18 September, 2017 37 comments

How to sew felt leaves

We partnered with craft company Neat and Tangled -and was thrilled to try out their stock of stamps and die cuts. Visit their blog this week to see what they made with Benzie's felt!

Nothing is prettier to watch then fall leaves turning color! We have added a little sparkle to our fall leaves by the way of sequins to bring some magic indoors! 

wool blend felt leaves

We partnered with Neat & Tangled and tried out their Maple Thanks die along with a perfectly fall mix of sequins! Die cuts are a great way to quickly start up a project! 

Other items you will need to get started:
-Benzie's wool blend felt in the colors Mulberry, Copper, Ochre, Fern, Moss and Blue Spruce. A 6x9" sheet will work great in your die cut machine too!
-Beads, the bronze iridescent beads complement the sequins perfectly!
-Floss or thread to match the felt (use one strand of divisible floss)
-Needle -make sure you have one that can stitch though a bead.
-polyfil, just a bit! 

thin die cuts and felt

If you are new to die cutting we suggest checking out our tutorial. Layer items in the order show (platform, cutting pad, felt, die cut and finally another cutting pad). I always roll thin dies through the machine twice to ensure a full cut. Cut two leaves per color. 

sewing sequins to felt

sewing sequins on felt

My favorite part is placing on the sequins -and these colors by Neat & Tangled are perfect for the season. It's fun to see the leaves come alive with sparkle! I have found the easiest (and neatest) way is to sew them on with a bead. I use some beads alone as accents too! Here you can go minimal or just adorn your leaves with sparkle!

felt fall leaves craft

When you are done with the sequins, whip stitch the leaf closed filling with just a pinch of polyfil prior to closing. 

felt fall leaves

I love this palette of fall colors together! Display them in a bowl or make a garland out of them! 

Fall felt garland

 Fall felt leaf garland

Hexagon Pom-Pom Coasters

Posted by Renae Bradley on 01 September, 2017 1 comment

hexagon pom coasters

You guys, you've seen felt balls before right?! These amazing little round balls of crafty, felted sweetness? Over at Benzie we prefer to call them pom-poms because they are more then just a ball -it's a felt ball of cheer (or a pom-pom)!! We picked up Benzie's smallest size (1cm) and some cork and got to work making ourselves a set of cozy coasters.

felt ball craft supplies 
Here are supplies you will need:
Benzie's Pom-Poms in 1cm size. We used 61 poms per coaster but suggest getting a few more as some poms run larger or smaller then 1cm.
- Cork or matte board in 1/8" thickness. 
- Hexagon Pattern
- Glue, our all time favorite is a basic, easy hot glue gun but you can use whatever you have on hand.
- scissors

fall ball coasters

To make the base for the coasters use our hexagon pattern to trace and cut onto cork or heavy matte board. You can use a scissors or an exacto knife, we cut down circle coasters to about 4" wide.

felt pom coaster

I started in the middle of the hexagon by placing 9 poms down the center with hot glue. It comes together quickly when making one long strip of glue down the middle and lining up poms one after another.

felt ball coasters

Try different color combos or try making a large one for a trivet! Make this project and tag #benziefelt -I want to see what you're making!

Mermaid Tail DIY

Posted by Renae Bradley on 30 August, 2017 2 comments

felt mermaid costume

I just got my daughter a shirt that read "I'm a mermaid at heart" -and it true -all she ever has wanted to be is a mermaid. And she insists she will grow up to be one. I'm not sure we can promise that -but I can indulge her imagination and creative spirit and create a mermaid's greatest accessory -her tail!

felt mermaid tail

The tail is composed of circles -or scales attached to the base. It comes together very quickly once all the circles are cut! Our tail and measurements are based on a tall 7 year old -you can adjust the measurements to the height of your little mermaid. 

felt mermaid supplies

Materials used:
-1 1/2 yards of a basic cotton fabric (we wanted to keep the tail light weight) but if you want to go no-sew we suggest using 1 1/2 yards of felt.
-10 12x18" sheets of Benzie Felt. We used our Mermaid Lagoon collection. 
-Sewing machine 
-Approximately 275 2" circles 
-2 yards of twill tape or ribbon 
-fabric glue
mermaid tail pattern

First you will need to make the base of the tail. Take the 1 1/2 yards of the base fabric and lightly freehand a pattern similar to the one you see above. The waist is about 27" wide and the length is 40" long. You will notice that the tail is asymmetrical -I wanted it to wrap around the waist and tie at the side to give the illusion of a more full bodied tail. If you are using felt -you are done -just cut out the shape! For cotton -we cut out two pieces, sewed both sides together and flipped inside out to hide the raw edges. Iron flat.

After you have the base of the tail you will need to sew ribbons on for ties. You can do this with a sewing machine or by hand. We suggest sewing as opposed to glue to make it a strong hold.

mermaid scale felt


Now for all those circles! We have several different options to cut out these circles -from using a scissors and and tracing a circle pattern (use the base of a glass), purchasing precut circles from Benzie (get the discounted 12 pack!) or using a die cut method. Any way is a great way to get your child involved in making their very own costume!

mermaid costume diy


After you have cut out your circles attach them to your tail base. You can sew these on -but I love having easy projects that I can do around the rest of the family -so we used fabric glue. Start on the bottom of the tail and attach circles by placing a bit of glue (it doesn't take much) along the top 1/4" of the circle. Go row by row, attaching circles about half way up from the previous row. As you can see with the above photo we spaced somewhat randomly as we accommodated the widening tail.

mermaid felt costume


Tie the ribbon to the mermaids side -a costume perfect for the little fish in your life!


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Cupcakes

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chicka chicka boom party

My favorite children's book of my youngest was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom -he had it memorized from cover to cover and even requested to sleep with it! Look who's coming?! It's black-eyed pea!

Cupcake toppers are just the thing for this little book lover! To get started you will need:

You'll need: wool blend feltchicka font sized to 209, scissors, toothpicks, glue... and our secret weapon: Super Spray!

how to cut letters from felt

1. Fist cut out letters of your choosing (black eyed p is a favorite here!). We like to transfer our patterns using freezer paper -and even have a tutorial for you!
Stiff felt spray

2. I'm excited about this step fellow crafters -it's like introducing felt's best friend -or a secret beauty tip -and it's so easy too! Drum, dum dummmm... Fabric stiffener! It helps felt to stay sturdy, keep its form and provide extra durability; it extends the capabilities of felt even further. Here we are using a spray fabric product called Stiffen Quick (but I like to call it Super Spray!). I generally place the items to be sprayed in a box (to protect the surrounding area) -and spray stiffener about 6-8 inches away from the felt. You control how stiff you want your felt by how much you spray. These cupcake toppers needed to be pretty stiff so I sprayed one side till wet, came back an hour later flipped the letters and sprayed the backs.
chicka bom cupcakes
3. After the letters dried -I used thin line of hot glue to attach toothpicks. Then you're done and ready to party!
letter cupcake toppers

How to Cut Felt

Posted by Renae Bradley on 01 August, 2017 8 comments

how to cut felt

It's surprisingly easy to cut shapes and patterns out of felt -and we have a technique that is much more precise than pinning, far less fuzzy then transfer pens and cleaner than chalk! And it's by far the most fun! The key is freezer paper (yes, the same paper you can wrap your food in!) and a sharp scissors.

how to cut felt

This is what you'll need:
-freezer paper

how to transfer a pattern to felt

1. First trace your pattern onto the matte side of the freezer paper.

Freezer Paper and Felt

2. Iron your freezer paper (wax side down) to your felt. The wax helps to adhere the paper to the felt.

Cut out shapes out of felt

3. Cut out your shapes. I find small scissors helpful when maneuvering around tight corners and sharp tips lend itself to clean and precise cuts.

Freezer paper transfer on felt

4. Peel paper off. If you find the paper difficult to peel away from the felt -ease up on the heat or reverse the pattern when tracing. You can also reuse your freezer paper -just re-iron and cut. Perfect!