Loved and Lost PomPom Palette

$ 7.50

Felt poms in classic Valentine colors inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." The colors include White, Stone, Graphite, Crimson, Red and Blush. These poms are simple to string into a garland and make a great craft for all ages. The kit includes stringing floss and our favorite needle -don't forget to add it to your order for all-in-one crafting! You may also select your favorite size; length based on placing poms side by side:
100 1cm poms makes a 3 feet (36 inch) long garland.
100 1.5cm poms make 5 feet (59 inch) long garland.
100 2cm poms make a 7 feet (78 inch) long garland.
100 3cm poms make a 9 feet (118 inch) long garland.

About Benzie's Pom-poms
Our poms, also known as felt beads or felt balls or balls are hand-formed in Nepal and can vary by size and dye lot. Benzie offers four sizes of poms in several curated color palettes and individually.